About us

Society for Education Human Resource and Development was established on dated 25th of April, 2004  Under Societies Registration Act 1860. SEHRD is a National level society having 80G & 12A. It was founded with the passion of “Devotion to the Nation“ and the vision of a “prosperous Nation”.

Our Vision

We envision a transformed India, a nation and society free from poverty and ignorance, where all citizens enjoy fundamental rights without inequality. This vision includes access to quality education, nutritious food, health care, and adequate housing for all people. This is a collective effort to build a better India that empowers women and promotes independence. Together, we strive to build inclusive societies that guarantee basic well-being, education, self-determination, and equality for all citizens. ” SEHRD aims to achieve positive and lasting results through education, healthcare, promoting sustainable development and strengthening social support. 

Our Mission

To Build a more caring and prosperous society by ensuring access to basic needs for all disadvantaged people. We are committed to working with schools, NGOs, corporates and government agencies as collaborative partners to implement effective programs across India. Through our collective efforts, we aim to strengthen and empower marginalized communities and provide them with critical resources and opportunities. By fostering collaboration and leveraging partnerships, we are working to build a beautiful and just society where all individuals can live lives of dignity.

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